Machining Centers


small serie

The operating unit, made of cast iron, is composed of a two-position turret equipped with an integrated U-Axis facing head (diameter of 300 mm with a stroke of 70 mm) capable of turning a fixed workpiece and a max turning diameter of 350 mm.


medium plus

Changing the tool is not always the best solution. The DS450/130C contour head allows you to use a single tool to turn diameters from 0 to 600mm without changing the tool or stopping the machine.


medium plus serie

The machining center DS600/200C is the most requested model, sold all over the world, also in the RAM version, able to satisfy the needs of machining up to a diameter of 900 mm. It is a product built for versatility, robustness, and precision. An ideal machining center for every mechanical workshop.

DS900/300CRAM TDC1600

big serie

The DS900/300C model begins the “heavy duty” range of Trevisan machining centers. Both for dimensions that can be turned and for capacities on the table. Turning machining up to Ø 1500 mm.


oversize serie

With the machining center models DS1200/450C – DS1500/450C, Trevisan presents the heavy-duty series with a mobile column and integrated facing heads that can turn with the workpiece fixed up to diameters of 2000 mm on the DS1200/450C and 2500 mm on the DS1500/450C.


serie oversize

The DS1800/450C model is the largest moving column machining center currently in production at Trevisan Macchine Utensili S.p.A. It is a large machine composed of two mobile columns. Turning machining up to Ø 3000 mm.

With the work piece stationary, the benefits multiply.


By fixturing the part to access all sides and completing the machining and turning all in one setup, sometimes two, the cycle times will commonly be reduced by 1/3. Standard processes can have up to 5 setups to one on the Trevisan Machine.


The risk of injury while handling these large parts many times during conventional processes is greatly reduces when completing the parts in only one or two operations.


When the workpiece is fixture once then the geometrics of the part and alignment are not compromised by multiple setups.


Doesn’t matter what operations are required. The tools holder and the heads are compatible with any type of tools for machining center. All movements and stroke are driven by numerical control.

Clamping tools system.
Attack patented Trevisan

The Trevisan TG2000 tool clamping system has been studied, designed and patented by Trevisan. The supplied tool holders have a large, face contact surface and centering cone to securely clamp the large tools into the quill and contour head with maximum rigidity.

Trevisan. Since 1963, not only valves

Since 1963 Trevisan has established worldwide for the technology developed primarily to serve the energy sector. But there is much more.

Our work centers are highly customizable, confirmed adaptable performing and also in the agricultural, aerospace, aviation, marine, automotive, mechanical and renewable energy.