Machining Centers


small serie

Little genius of enormous potential. The work center DS 300/70C is a little genius with enormous potential, because it combines all the benefits of the work that can be performed in a fixed piece and every stage of turning is extremely precise and safe, thanks to the machining program at constant cutting.


medium plus

Changing the tool is not always the best solution. The DS450/130C contour head allows you to use a single tool to turn diameters from 0 to 600mm without changing the tool or stopping the machine.


medium plus serie

Password: versatility. Not always change tool is the most functional solution. The work center DS 450/130 C, thanks to its two attacks Tool on a mobile cart, makes it possible to perform turnings from small to large diameters without any kind of problem.


big serie

When the game gets tough. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And we can say that the work center DS 900/300 C is a workmate very tough, can withstand up to 6000 kg of weight and turning up to 1400 mm with stationary piece.



oversize serie

The factotum giant. The machine center DS1200/450 and DS1500/450 are the ideal solutions for machining your large parts that require multiple tools for turning and milling operations. An “extra-large” machine, with an “extra-large” range of options.


serie oversize

The colossus of our family.

The DS1800/460C machining center is a double column assembly, One for turning, the other for milling. The contour head can turn diameters of up to 3000 mm in diameter. The contouring head is supported with automatic tool changing and can support tools, such as boring bars, up to 1800mm in length and 350kg.