DS900/300CRAM TDC1600

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The DS900/300C model begins the “heavy duty” range of Trevisan machining centers. Both for dimensions that can be turned and for capacities on the table.


The machining center DS 900/300 C performs turning operations with a stationary piece up to 1,500 mm in diameter. The standard table can carry up to 7,000 kg with a 1,250 mm or 1,400 mm table. Available options increase the capacity to 12,000 kg with a 1,600 x 1600 mm table all with available pallet change systems.
The table is specifically designed to guarantee an excellent evacuation of the machining residue and a watertight cratering on board the machine, with easy accessibility for the operator.


The DS900/300C – DS900/300C RAM model, as the whole range of Trevisan machining centers, is equipped with a turning head that allows you to perform turning operations with a fixed work piece. This device, in particular, turns out to be even more versatile as it is equipped with 2 tool-clamps in its carriage so that a single tool can be moved from the first to the second tool-clamp and perform a wider range of turning diameters.
The turning device allows execution of spherical, conical, cylindrical turning, and threading operations always using ideal cutting parameters due to the ability to work with constant cutting speed.
In this model, the U-Axis facing head is balanced with counterweights that come out in the opposite direction of the tool holder carriage in order to optimize accuracy.


In the spindle head, a milling/drilling spindle works to expand the potential of the DS900/300C, combining the turning operations performed by the facing head with the conventional ones carried out by a 37-kW spindle with speeds up to 1.500 RPM.
This spindle is used to perform all milling, drilling, and tapping operations and can be equipped with angle heads or other accessories.


The DS900/300C, like its little sister DS900/300C, has a RAM variant that increases the machine’s performance by increasing power.
In the RAM version, the milling spindle is no longer in a fixed position, but has a working stroke of 700 mm and allows penetration inside the part. The spindle is equipped with U-axis management that allows it to use tool changeable facing heads that are capable of turning up to 250 mm in diameter. Speed up to 2.000 RPM.


The tool changer magazine is offered in the standard version with 40 tool positions that can be extended to 80 or 120 positions.
The magazine can be equipped with an external tool loader that allows you to safely load the tool or simply check or replace the inserts without machine downtime.
It can also be equipped with memory chips to transfer tool information from the presetting machine to the machining center.


Trevisan’s team of computer technicians manages and programs the software of the machines, customizing it according to the machining needs of each customer.

Clamping tools system.
Attack patented Trevisan

The Trevisan TG2000 tool clamping system has been studied, designed and patented by Trevisan. The supplied tool holders have a large, face contact surface and centering cone to securely clamp the large tools into the quill and contour head with maximum rigidity.




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