serie oversize

The Oversize machine series machines are built for thinking big. The oversize machines are designed with 2400 x 2400mm tables that have a weight capacity of 30,000 kg and swing clearance of 4700 mm. While big, the B-axis table still has a standard resolution of 360,000 counts per revolution for high accuracy machining and a 10° tilt for angled machining.

Designed for those who think big

To machine large parts you need large tools. The oversize machines come with a 40 to 80 pos. tool magazine. The machine has the ability thanks to the rigidity of the TG200 toolholder design to machine with tools up to 900mm in length and 60 kg such as boring bars and drills.

If thats not big enough, there is an option for a headrack with automated tool change for extremely large and specialty tools such as multi angle heads and smaller contour heads.

A technological heart to shape to your ideas.

Having 2 tool automatic pocket positions on the contour head slide, there is the ability to use the same turning tool for small diameters and then automatically change to the outer pocket for the larger diameters, reducing the number of tools required. This also maintains the precision of the part centerlines and geometrics.When the contour head is locked in the horizontal position, the quill spindle extends to allow all the standard machine center work such as milling, drilling, and tapping. A tool changeable contour head can also be loaded to the quill spindle for small diameter turning.

360.000 divisions

The machine can be equipped with 2 large size rotating tables (3000×3000 mm) standard or tilting up to 10°. The rotation is by a double worm screw with a special backlash removal. A high precision angle encoder provide the accuracy to 0,001° rotation. With the table positioned, 5 hydraulic cylinder ensure a solid clamping of the pallet to allow heavy machining.

Tool magazine

The tool chain can carry on up to 80 tools to do every steps of the required machining.


Completely developed by Trevisan Macchine Utensili can be customized according to every customer needs.