Modular Equipe

The Modular Equip is a unit with a 6-position turrent that can equppied with turning devices in order to perform turning operations on a stationary part. Turning on a stationary part ensure high production and flexibility. Flexibility is achieved using a revolving turret with 6 tool holder postions, which can hold drills, taps, multiple spindle heads, and especially turning devices. These units can be equipped with up to 3 working axes, all with linear guides and crossed roller blocks. Using the U-Axis turning devices, it is possible to perform any turning process; Cylindrical, Conical, Spherical, threading, and facing.

The unit is managed by CNC and the machining is recalled form the established program. The rotation turret is generated by a brushless spindle motor and positioning is guaranteed by the Hirth ring. The spindles and heads thats accompan the unit can also be mounted at a later time, an easy operation.

The Modular Equip is produces in 3 sizes, size 0, 1, or 2. These models can be used to build a single unit or used in a special multi-unit to make a higher production machine. These can be combines iwth other Modular Equip models or even our standard machining centers.