PICK UP Turning Line

The PICK UP turning line combines vertical turning operations with drilling and chamfering operations in a fully automated, simultaneous, high speed cycle. At the end of the operation, the machine is equipped with a programmable dot marker that engraves the part info on the machined part.
With this design, the operator places the raw part on the loading conveyor and then unloads it, fully machined, from the unload conveyor. This is made possible by having multipe work stations, all designed specifically to reduce the machining time.
This series of turning lines is avaialbe in 9 different sizes of spindles ranging from 170mm to 1300mm. These lines can even be customized with tool changer magazines and horizontal operating units that allow for horizontal machining of the part.

Loading piece

Turning – Step 1

Turning – Step 2



Unloading piece and stamping