The first model in the machining center series is the recent GT 350.


The operating unit, made of cast iron, is composed of a two-position turret equipped with an integrated U-Axis facing head (diameter of 300 mm with a stroke of 70 mm) capable of turning a fixed workpiece and a max turning diameter of 350 mm. The second position, on the other hand, is equipped with a conventional spindle that can rotate at up to 4,500 RPM. The working axis of both positions is the same and to change from one to the other, the turret performs a 180° rotation.


The conventional spindle is equipped with a transmission for the management of a tool changeable facing head. This turning device has a diameter of 135 mm and a stroke of 30 mm; ideal for machining small diameters at high rpm. The spindle is also specially designed to allow the application of angle heads.


Constructed in rigid steel, stress-relieved weldment engineered to maximize rigidity while allowing open areas for efficient chip and coolant flow away from the working area.


The 630 x 630 mm, indexable rotary table has 360,000 continuous divisions and programmable bi-directional rotation utilizing a brushless servo motor. The table has pallet positioning control and a built-in pallet centering pin and clamping system, with a maximum capacity of 1,100 kg.


The tool changer magazine is offered in the standard version with 46 tool positions that can be expanded to 99 and 120 positions. It can be equipped with an external tool loader that allows to safely load the tool or simply check or replace the inserts without machine stops. The magazine can also be equipped with memory chips to transfer tool information from the presetting machine to the machining center.


Our team of computer technicians manages and programs the software of the machines, customizing it according to the machining needs of each customer.

Clamping tools system.
Attack patented Trevisan

The Trevisan TG2000 tool clamping system has been studied, designed and patented by Trevisan. The supplied tool holders have a large, face contact surface and centering cone to securely clamp the large tools into the quill and contour head with maximum rigidity.

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